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Workshop | Coming Into View


WORKSHOP | Coming Into View: How To Emerge In The Photographic Industry ?

May / June 2022

Mentors: Erik Vroons (GUP) | Wiktoria Michałkiewicz (REZO)

Registration deadline: 20 th of May

ERIK VROONS and WIKTORIA MICHAŁKIEWICZ in a three stage course conducted in Fort Institute of Photography in Warsaw will offer practical guidance for aspiring professional photographers who need support in raising their career to a next level in the international context. What does it take to get your work across to a wider audience?

The course will consist of a reader, online lectures, two rounds of portfolio reviews and a one day on location workshop in IFF. All participants can freely choose between the stages to match their specific needs. 

The participants subscribing to the full course will: 

  • Improve the articulation of their identity as artists;
  • Get a step-by step guidance on how to build international exposure;
  • Learn about conceptualizing projects and the value of storytelling; 
  • Improve writing artist- and project statements for various outlets;
  • Shape their editing skills for publications, exhibitions and commissioned work;
  • Gain understanding of the complexity of the international photography market and understand their place in it.

Questions addressed:

  • How to build and maintain a supportive network in the industry? 
  • What does it take to plan a long-term career strategy?
  • Why is it important to express creative ideas in clear language? 
  • When is a project really completed? 
  • Which skills are required to become recognized as a pro?   

The programme consists of:

STAGE 1: A Reader (PDF) and Online Lectures (2 x 2 hours)

Date: 28th of May (Saturday)

Cost: 99 euro (450 zł)  (a reader and 4 hr of online lectures)


Sale closing on 20th of May

A Reader (PDF):

A basic introductory containing texts, which guides the participants towards having a better orientation of their working field. The reader includes case studies of successfully designed career strategies, an overview structure of the international photography market(s), carefully selected advice from top professionals in the industry and practical tools tailored to the purpose of this workshop. Furthermore, it will document useful information about most relevant competitions, festivals and other opportunities to present a recently produced work internationally. 

Authors: Vroons & Michalkiewicz (2022). Format: PDF. 


Online Lectures:

A general introduction followed by 2 lectures , each giving context to the articles from the reader and offering a further elaboration based on the expertise of the mentors. 

Duration: 2 x 2 hours (+ lunch break)


How to make your practice successful and sustainable?  In the first session, Wiktoria will exemplify her experience as an agent  with 2 case studies: one being an autonomous artist who mainly initiates projects in the realm of galleries and museums and the other operating predominantly by assignment - be it, as will become clear, that both professional areas have a significant overlap. 

Where do I go to find (inter)national exposure? In the second session,  Erik will share  his experience. In the field of art and documentary photography. The focus will be on how to evolve a project in progress towards public presentation. He will furthermore offer an overview of the wider realm of print- and online media, the festivals and related events (e.g. open calls) and how to best prepare for all sorts of applications and opportunities for exposure. 

Overall, these lectures will give an improved orientation on the work field  and can help participants  get a better grip on the different spheres of the photographic industry,  by offering some significant key notes. 

STAGE 2: Online one-on-one Portfolio Review sessions with the experts.

Date: 29th of May (Sunday) and 26th of June (Sunday)

Cost for one round of portfolio review: 150 euros (690 zł)

Link to application form here. 

Application deadline: 20th of May

Portfolio Review 1 | Date: 29th of May (Sunday)

  • 2 x 25 minute review sessions* with Erik Vroons, Wiktoria Michałkiewicz
  • Duration: +/-  60 minutes (to be scheduled) 
  • Number of participants: 12 

Each of the participants will have the opportunity to discuss a specific work in progress and.or platform for which they would like to receive feedback and advice. 


Portfolio Review 2 | Date: 26th of June (Sunday)

  • A call back to the first portfolio review. This round consists of 3 x 25 minute review sessions. The experts - Erik Vroons, Wiktoria Michałkiewicz and additionally Olga Łacna - will now be able to see if and how the works discussed in the first session have progressed.*
  • Duration: +/-  1hr30 minutes (3 x 25” scheduled sessions)
  • Number of participants: 12

* participants from Poland had the opportunity to attend the Editing workshop on location Instytut Fotografii Fort, Warsaw - in between the two portfolio review sessions. 

STAGE 3: (optional): On location workshop Editing

Date: 4th of June (Saturday)

Number of participants: 10

Cost: 300 euros (1380 zł)

Link to application form here. 

Application deadline: 20th of May

This workshop offers a realistic outline of ‘readiness’ - what is still missing to make a body of work more consistent overall? 

The mentors will give critical feedback from the perspective of production and design and discuss the various forms of editing for multiple purposes. 

Mentors: Erik Vroons | Wiktoria Michałkiewicz

Participants will be guided to explore the elements that go into creating powerful storytelling. In order to elevate the level of their authorship, they’ll lay out a work in progress and discuss further steps to be taken towards a completion among peers.

*Note: This workshop is optional and scheduled as a physical meeting in Instytut Fotografii Fort, Warsaw. Local photographers can thus benefit from getting hands-on editorial guidance and gain a better orientation of the stage their project is currently in. 

About the mentors

Erik Vroons (1976, The Netherlands) is the Chief Editor for international photography magazine GUP: Guide to Unique Photography. He also functions as the Editor-at-large for GUP’s associated talent programme: Fresh Eyes. Besides his role as Editor, Erik is a freelancer involved with various international organizations in the field of photography (e.g. World Press Photo, Lensculture, British Journal of Photography). 

For over a decade, he has been sharing his knowledge and expertise in the ever expanding and fluid field of art- and documentary photography, propagating creative hybrids and an open minded approach towards genre conventions and presentation formats. He has been consulted by several acclaimed photographers concerning their works in progress (towards presentation of book/exhibition/website etc.).

gupmagazine.com | fresheyesphoto.com | erikvroons.com

Wiktoria Michałkiewicz (1986, Poland) is an interdisciplinary specialist with broad experience in storytelling and entrepreneurship. Parallel to her academic career (PhD in Sociology among all) she has worked as a contributing editor for international magazines, including National Geographic (since 2011), Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue; producer and photography agent in the commercial agency Shootme Visual Artists. 

Wiktoria has worked in diverse roles in the photography industry, she is experienced as an exhibition producer and curator of multiple exhibitions of several renowned artists (e.g.  Sebastiao Salgado, Paul Nicklen & Cristina Mittermeier, Ellen von Unwerth, Cooper & Gorfer) while working with international festivals and institutions (Nordic Light Festival in Norway, Landskrona Festival in Sweden, Fotografiska Stockholm and Fotografiska International, involved in the international expansion to Tallinn and New York City). She is also a communication specialist, focused on developing and implementing internal and external communication plans for international commercial partnerships. In 2021, she established her own consulting agency, REZO, focused on designing career strategies for renowned photographers, talent management, international art PR, and art advisory services. 

Specifications for this workshop:  visual storytelling, art PR, and talent management.

wiktoriami.com | rezo.pl 

If you need additional information, write to us: biuro@fiff.org.pl.


IFF Foundation Patrons: Fort Mokotów, White Stone Development

Workshop Partners: GUP, REZO, FRESH EYES powered by GUP

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